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Made By Me: Zeyphr

I had been looking for a decent empire waist pattern for a while.  I wanted to draft my own at first, but since the best way to learn is to do, I kept searching for the pattern.

Browsing through the sewing community I spotted this dress from Atelier Scammet.  What I love about their patterns is how neat they look.  And the fact they do beautiful maternity patterns too is amazing ( a market that is catered for well in the Me made community) Check them out.

So How did It Sew?

Date Completed:  10th May 2017

Having invested heavily in a lot of black soft touch from my cheap shop it was the natural choice of a good basic.  And as you can see, it has fitted into my goth summer wardrobe perfectly;  I look like I am off to a coven meeting.  I decided  that although I loved the trim on the cuff detail, for my version I didn’t do that as I needed it to be as plain and basic as possible, and added some cute dome black buttons that I had spare.

I was surprised it was such a great fit, one thing that is always a worry is the boobs, yet the range of sizes fitted me perfectly.

This is one of many basic black items I seem to be making lately.  Keep an eye out for the rest.

Made By Me – Luisa – Wear Lemonade

Today is a bit of a two for one as I will clump both Luisa makes into one blog post.

One brand of Pattern makers I am loving has to be the very beautiful and quintessentially French, Wear Lemonade.

I stumbled into their patterns purely by chance, I fell for the design and the graphics, so i just had to get some.  I am now the proud owner of a Luisa and a Dita.

What I really thought was lovely about these guys was the video accompanying me through my make.  I am a very visual person, so armed with very basic french language skills, I was able to tackle the project much easier than just using the English instructions.  Not that the instructions are not good, they are excellent and have beautiful photographs to support the words, its just my personal preference.  Its a bit like how I like looking at reviews before I buy, I got to see the garment made before i myself attempted it.  Its a nice way to work.

So how did it Sew?

1st attempt: Completed – 25th July 2016

I used a very light black semi sheer fabric that I had gotten in a bundle of cheap fabric on ebay for very little.  It has a soft matte feel and a beautiful drape, perfect for the luisa trapeze shape.

The pattern was extremely simple and I love the finish of the yoke and how neat and easy it is to achieve.  I chose not to add a bow as suggested by the pattern…its an option definitely not for me.

Unfortunately, I was so worried about it not fitting over the bust (which it did just fine) I completely disregarded the fabrics lack of stretch and how it would effect the sleeves. THe arms are very snug… as you can see me awkwardly standing in a picture with my arms to the right.

My next attempt will resolve this and go for a knit jersey…

2nd attempt:  Completed – 23rd October 2016

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This has turned out much better in the Jersey Knit fabric.  I just love the witchy coven vibe from the dark tie dye print.  This version was completed on my overlocker, and Jersey is the way forward with this pattern.  The arms are still tight BUT are actually not a problem and more wearable (as in I can actually move)  I was concerned that the knit would hang to heavy, but this dress has amazing movement when in motion.

This pattern is now my perfect shift dress make. I feel that I could do with a few more colours, and possible experiment with a High polo collar (and maybe lose the yoke) for winter and Christmas version.

Watch this space for more Luisa…